Eggless Vanilla Cupcake|Ralai Rajesh | #CookWithRD

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And then we had a very dedicated participant for #CookWithRD Baking Champs. Can you see how meticulously she is on the job and the end product speak about the work she did with her mom.

#CookWithRD…Here is my recipe of “EGGLESS NO RAISING AGENT VANNILA CUPCAKES”  for Baking Champs with my 6 year old daughter HEJASRI 
A Big thanks to Simranand Rakshita for making us to spend such a lovely baking moment with our little ones.. My daughter n me had a great time.. we both were not well past four days and in recovering stage , still we dont want to miss this opportunity.. And a baking is always a stress buster for me..

Happy that i taught my daughter a very healthy recipe for first time.. n she enjoyed doing it.. n asked so many questions..

Now coming to cake: The original recipe is from mercuryimp blog of Ravneet Kaur thank you for sharing such a recipe dear. I had only few ingredients of what she mentioned in the recipe … so added all healthy subsitution n now it more healthy …

Here goes the recipe:

*1/2 cup minus 2 tbspn – Oat flour
*2 tbspn – dessicated coconut 
*1/2 cup- rice flour
*1/4 cup- milk powder
*1 tbsp- flax meal (roasted powdered flax seeds)+ 3 tbsp of warm water or 1 egg
*6 tbsp- light brown sugar powder (do not subsitute jaggery)
*1/2 cup minus 1tbspn- Apple sauce 
*1tbspn – Butter 
*1/2 cup minus 1tbspn- thick curd
*1tsp – vannila essence 
*3 tbspn – choco chip (dusted with flour).

1.line up muffin tin with liners and keep aside.
2. Keep flax seed powder soaked in warm water and keep aside. 
3.Mix Apple sause with sugar. 
4.Vigorously whisk the mixture with electric blender for about 20 – 25min or more till mixture looks good creamy.
5.Because, this step holds the key to inserting air bubbles in the cake, which make it lighter, soft, and moist.
6. After 15 min of wisking add in flaxgel n again mix 15min. Atlast add vannila essence n mix.
7.Start sieving all the flours, including milk powder, 8-10 times – This is another crucial step. Since we are making no raising agent cake, this becomes even more important. Please continue to sieve as long as you can. You will be aerating the flours that will make them lighter and ready to go into the wet mix.
8.Keep chicochip coated with dry flour powder. 
9.When you are done with sieving, preheat oven at 170C for 15min.
10.It is time to whisk the wet mix again. 
11.Continue whisking (it will be little tiring)
12. Now is the time to fold in the dry ingredients.
13.Make a well in the center of dry ingredients. poure wet mixture.
14. Fold the batter in the same direction until just mixed. Add in 2 tbspn of chocochip..PLEASE DO NOT WHISK NOW. NO MORE WHISKING.
15. Pour the batter in the cupcake liners.. till it fulls coz the batter wint rise here.
16. Tap it gently 4-5 times. Sprinkle bakance 1 tbspn of chocochip on top.
17. Now bake it in the centre rack with bottom rod on.
18.bake for 25 min or tooth prick comes out clean when inserted.
19.Remove from the oven and allow it to cool down on wire rack..
20. Now your cuppies are ready to serve.

Mixing n sifting flour is two very important process.
As my daughter love vannila flavour n choco chip, i added these or else you can add pinch of cardamon n dry fruits too.. check original recipe

Believe me its soft just melts in mouth , its not sticky, its taste more delicious than what you see in pic.. HAPPY BAKING!!!!!

If you like it share with the world...Share on Facebook38Tweet about this on TwitterPin on Pinterest0Share on Google+0Print this pageEmail this to someoneShare on Yummly0

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