Meet Richa

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You know we are always looking out for some interesting stories of people who have ventured in this beautiful world of food to follow there passion. It is truly inspirational to come across bloggers, chefs, home chefs, bakers from all walks of life who have adapted, self learned, skills to make lives around them yummier. One such person is Richa who runs her blog ‘Savory Tales


Here is some candid talk with her which we are happy to share with you and with this we wish a wonderful foodie week ahead.

Who is Richa and how did  you start your foodie journey?

I am ex-banker by profession and a food enthusiast living in Mumbai. My foodie journey has started since childhood as being brought up in a food-loving family and from blogging perspective my food journey started by writing reviews of the restaurant on Zomato and posting food pictures on Instagram.

Please share your achievements which you would like to share with the community?

I got invited to share my article on ‘Indian Beverages’ in the inaugural edition of the recently launched ‘FnB Buzz Magazine’.

How long have you been blogging and what all do your blog about?

It’s been a year since I started blogging. Initially, I use to share the review of restaurant or food products which I have tried, but then I expanded it and started sharing some simple and everyday food recipes on the blog.

What worked for you as a blogger and what were your mistakes which people can learn from?

As a blogger, I think having a social media presence is as important as creating good content. Content is the key, but making it reach the right audience is very important so since I started the blog and the social media handles at the same time, therefore, I feel it has helped me a lot in connecting with the fellow food bloggers and the audience.

Mistakes that I have made is the lack of discipline and planning and I am still working to improve and correct it. I would personally advise people who are serious about blogging to plan the content for a month in advance and work on it which will help you focus on your work in a better way and most important is discipline, blogging regularly is essential to retain your audience.

You changed your blog name , what made you do so? How do you see it impacting your personal brand?

Yes, initially when I started blogging, I named my blog and social media handles -“Amchi.Foodie” (Amchi Mumbai foodie) but I realized that this name was giving an impression of me being a Marathi or proper Mumbai origin girl which I am not and the expectation of the audience was that I should post some authentic Maharastrain cuisine or reply to messages in Marathi. So, I thought its better late than never and decided to change the name.

I didn’t find any difference in my personal brand as I posted on every social media about this change and responded to every follower who asked the reason behind the name change. So, I didn’t think it impacted the personal brand as the number of followers has increased since then.


Which social media platform worked best for you and why?

Twitter and Instagram work best for me in terms of connecting with the brands and Facebook groups for driving traffic to the blog.

So this was Richa, whose blog has some simple yet interesting recipes to follow and you can also follow her on following handles: Twitter: savory_tales, Instagram: savorytales & Facebook: Savorytales

Thank you for reading the Food Story here. Incase you have an inspirational food story with us to share , please write to us



If you like it share with the world...Share on Facebook8Tweet about this on TwitterPin on Pinterest0Share on Google+0Print this pageEmail this to someoneShare on Yummly0

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